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A special clinic for offering Stitchless,Pain less,
Bloodless Circumcision to patients.
The beauty of new technology and scar less
result after circumcision will help you
achieve desired result..

Flexible Rates

Very affordable types of stitchless circumcision will help patient get the best possible treatment

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Vision Statement

We contineously update our portfolio of newer devices to offer patient world class treatment in Phimosis,Paraphimosis,tight foreskin.

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A ProvenExpertise

Dr.Sachin Kuber MS, Chief Surgeon is working in this field from 2003. Expertise developed in field of circumcision is immence. We offer most patient friendly circumcision that is painless,stitchless,blood less, Scarless.

Dr.Sachin Kuber

Dr.Sachin Kuber M.S. performs Circumcision surgery in Pune with Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic,Stitchless ZSR, Devices type of circumcision options.He is well experienced and has performed thousands of surgeries till date.Specially trained in Alisklamp circumcision in Malaysia,ZSR's Circumcision in China, He is performing Stitchless Circumcision..All new Innovative techniques are used by him in Pune city for the patients.

World Class Circumcision in Pune

Trained in Malaysia,China 2016 @ ZSR HQ China.

What we do?Experts

Painless, stitchless,Bloodless surgery for penis problems and foreskin issues | Hygieninic environment | Best Choice of Hospitals in Pune.| Trustworthy Service


Dr.Sachin Kuber Policy

Best-In-Class Service

We offer circumcision that is scarless and gives best results after healing.

We are working since 2003

Done thousands of surgeries since 2003

Dr.Sachin Kuber personally performs circumcisions for all patients.

We are associated with multiple NABH Accredited hospitals,Pune

Best Hygienic,Clean environment reduces chances of Infection.

All Major TPA,Cashless mediclaim supported.


Newer Devices

first and second Generation devices

Aavailability of muliple Circumcision devices helps patients achieve desired results quickly without compromising time to rest!

Stitchless  Process

Dr.Sachin Kuber is performing a Frenuloplasty surgery for a patient with short Frenulum. Also same patient is treated for tight foreskin by ZSR circumcision. 

Our Surgery Devices


10 August 2019

ZSR Circumcision Device

Most Advanced Precise and Cosmetic surgery Device for circumcision in Pune.


15 december 2017

Alisklamp Device

Clamp Based Device for Circumcision from Alisklamp,Turkey


17 december 2017

Shangring Circumcision Device

Specialised Circumcision Devices with ring based clamp from Wuhu,China


Happy Patients in 2017





Circumcision Redefined

with Devices

Circumcision done in patients rated us on the side score with various criterias..

Stitch less
Ease of Movement
Support required


We contineously offer best new innovative circumcision methods to the advantage of patients.

Patient Friendly

Painless patient friendly circumcisions

No Stitches

Stitch lss techno.


Less Complications

Less than 5 % chances of Infection,complications

Unique Styles

Advanced Techno helps precise circumcisions.

Stitch less Circumcision Solutions


ZSR Device Anastomaat( 5*)

For men who wish to have circumcision in one setting and want to go home outside Pune city, we offer an option to have circumcision surgery in one setting performed to improve functional and aesthetic appearance of the penis..


Alisklamp Device

Alisklamp is promised to deliver a perfect cut circumcision parallel to the line of corona following the natural curve of individual gland penis.. Naturally it will produce a clean cut with excellent aesthetic look.,Painless method ,Stitchless Method


Shang Ring Device

The Shangring works quite differently to other disposable devices. Correct sizing is essential and a wide range is available. Ring-block local anaesthesia is used. The inner ring, which has a soft silicone insert, is placed over the shaft skin, 1 cm behind the coronal sulcus. The foreskin is then reflexed back over it, with a dorsal slit if necessary to make this possible in cases of phimosis. The outer ring, which has a knife-edge, is then placed over the inner ring and locked with the built-in clamp. 


knife-edge shape

The clamp prevents bleeding; there is no need for sutures. It is worn for about seven days, during which time necrosis of the remaining frill will occur in a manner similar to all fit-and-wear clamps. At that time a special tool is used to release the outer ring, whcih is removed, and then the inner ring is pushed back towards the body, away from the scar-line, and is removed with special scissors.


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